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Squash soup

This is the second batch of Squash soup I've made this winter, and after a little bit of experimenting I've found out that 1. it definitely tastes better if you remove all the skin, 2. using two different types of squash really adds to the flavour and 3. creme fraiche - or, if you prefer, crumbled feta cheese - really is the crowning glory of this soup.

Again my basic recipe is from the good old BBC but I don't add chillies (too hot!) and my favourite version had one butternut and one celebration squash (the small, pale cream and burnt orange one) which I got NOT from a trip to a poncey organic farm to pick a Halloween Jack o'Lantern, but from good old Tesco. I wasn't really sure what I was doing with that one but it roasted just fine covered in lashings of oil and made such a yummy soup mixed with the Butternut.

I like my winter soups quite thick and comforting so I stay on the minimal side when adding stock. When the kids were younger I got into buying Kallo Organic low salt stock cubes, and I still like them, so will usually use these, unless I've been organised enough to make one from a roast chicken (unlikely).

This picture is actually of the v.2 which was much thinner, and is a terrible photo, but it tasted great! I'd like to experiment with a few more soup flavours this winter, but there's something about squash that is so comforting and wintery for me!

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