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Nigella's Christmas chocolate cookies

I gave the children the choice of what we were going to bake from Nigella's fabulous Christmas cookbook, which I really enjoy getting out and flicking through each year.

It was no surprise that they went for the chocolate cookies covered in sprinkles!

We didn't have any sprinkles so we simply used chocolate chips, and although they loved the cookies, both kids said the addition of the vanilla essence to the icing made it 'smell funny' which (unbelievably) put them off the icing! So I only iced a few and left the rest plain.

These are so quick and easy and really feel great in your hands as you're rolling them into little balls which is great for children who enjoy tactile activities like play-doh. We then went for a vigorous bounce on the trampoline and a brief, rather rainy bike ride, before eating the biscuits and curling up to watch The Grinch guilt-free as we'd had some fresh air.

We've had a relaxed December Saturday, which right now is definitely my preference. I'm trying to really slow down and appreciate the season this year rather than getting sucked into rushing around making everything perfect. Everyone seems quite happy right now so I'm at peace with my choice of baking up a sugar hit, a brief dose of nature and then a festive movie. Happy Christmas.

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