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Love in the time of Corona

One of my intentions for this blog and in general this year was more creative writing. These aren't the circumstances under which I hoped to be inspired, but over the last couple of weeks I've written this poem to explain to my confused young children what we're currently doing in Lockdown and why.

The Home Time

There’s a virus in town

It’s a bit like the flu

And it’s clever at spreading

From me to you

It gets on our hands,

Our faces and skin

We can pass it to others

So it’s best to stay in

I’m staying off school

Though my best friend still goes

His mum’s work is ‘key’ so

He plays there while she shows

That the doctors and nurses

Will always be there

Keeping hospitals open

For those who need care

We can’t go to the toy shop,

The park or soft play

Can’t visit our friends

We’re home most of the day

We can go for a walk

Or a bicycle ride

But if someone else comes

We must step to one side

It’s a funny old time

The grown ups seem worried

We’re not going out

When we’re often so hurried

Can’t see Nan and Grandad

I’m missing my friends

But I’ll definitely meet them

When this strange time ends

When a friend is not well

To check they’re ok

You’d normally visit them

Not stay away

But apparently now

A cuddle or kiss

Could pass the germs on

And no one wants this

The grown-ups are busy

Working out how they could

Get rid of the virus

So it’s gone for good

This strange time will pass

We’ll look back and wonder

At the virus in Springtime

That put us asunder

It will be alright

If we all play our part

Stay in and stay safe

With hope in our heart

Take the advice,

Just stay home, wait, and then

One day soon

We will all be together again.

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