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Life is a Cabaret

I was incredibly lucky to get to go to the Kit Kat Club for my 41st birthday. It was the first Saturday night of the previews of the brand-new show starring Eddie Redmayne, Jessie Buckley and Omari Douglas. It wouldn't be in the spirit of the night to give away any spoilers or share any photos, and at any rate, I don't have any because the staff cleverly offered us stickers 'for our phone cameras' on the way in, an incredibly polite and yet also effective way of ensuring that what goes on inside is 'kept in the Kit Kat club'.

But if anything the secrecy only added to what was already a spectacularly special experience. The theatre has been completely redesigned for this show and takes place in the round in surroundings so intimate that the Covid-nervous might have struggled with anxiety, were it not for the knowledge that everyone in attendance had to show a negative lateral-flow test to get through the doors.

If you're curious about the decor, the ambience and the incredible additional cast (this show requires two - you'll have to go yourself to find out why) the only thing to do is book tickets.

I can't really write a review this early without breaking the cardinal 'Keep it in the Kit Kat club' rule, so for now I'll just share that the night was also attended by an American actor so important that his Rolls Royce created a traffic jam outside afterwards, and that several of the cast members nipped out so quickly they were already in the pub when we arrived for a post-show drink. Omari Douglas joined a bit later and I was so star-struck that luckily for him I refrained from shouting 'La!' across the room (he also starred in the brilliant It's a Sin).

This is pretty booked up but I strongly advise grabbing tickets if you can - there isn't a bad seat in the house but if you have ££££ you can be almost close enough to touch the glamour girls (and boys) of 1930s Berlin.

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