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Breakfast pots

For a while now I've wanted to post my cooking and food ideas as I really enjoy being in the kitchen and I have a real focus on trying to make food that is good for my body but also tasty. But I'm so far away from being a 'food blogger' I felt that maybe I shouldn't. But you know what, it doesn't matter. I'm not going to let the sense that my ideas aren't 'good enough' stop me from sharing them any more! So my ground-breaking post is about breakfast.

After hanging about on instagram for a while I discovered Bexfast, a fantastic company grown from a real grassroots beginning by Bex, who started creating these pots of healthy deliciousness and selling them at bootcamp sessions to people hungry for something healthy between their morning workout and their London workday. Her company has absolutely exploded over the last few years and I'm sure she needs no introduction from me, but I'm one of her legions of fans. I've got into the habit of ordering myself a small selection of these gorgeous breakfast pots on payday and I really look forward to getting my delivery and getting them in the freezer!

HOWEVER sometimes in between deliveries I now make myself something similar - I guess you could call it 'overnight oats'. My daughter often wants the same as me, but unlike me she doesn't like Soya milk so we usually make them together the night before, and tailor them to our individual tastes. She always makes sure she knows which one is hers! All we do is fill up a pot or mug with a serving of oats (the same amount you'd use to make an individual serving of porridge), then add our milk of choice (for me Soya or Coconut, for her cow's milk or Coconut), stir it up and cover, and refrigerate overnight. Sometimes I add flaxseed too.

In the morning we add our toppings of choice, which for me is usually fresh fruit and nuts; the five-year-old has lashings of 'bee honey'.

So easy that it's not even a recipe really, but a small thing that has got me looking forward to breakfast after feeling stuck in a real rut with it. Answers on a postcard as to how to give up the 9am coffee...

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